Landscaping Your New Home

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Landscaping Your New Home

Moving to a new community and building a new home is an exciting venture. There is always a lot of planning that goes into the home itself but it is also important to consider the landscaping around your home on the new lot. If you are building on an undeveloped lot, it is your job to make sure you adhere to the community’s landscaping guidelines.

If you are building a new home in Brylee Estates, Brylee Developments has set out a document with requirements that you can refer to for the landscaping of your yard.

The guidelines state that the front of the house should have the following:

  • Minimum of 4 trees in the front yard
  • Coniferous trees (2 meters in height)
  • Deciduous greens such as Ash, Elm, Shubert, Maple, and Birch (minimum 50 mm in diameter)
  • Front yards must be sodded
  • All front landscaping must be completed within one year the completion of the exterior of the home


Decorate your Front Yard

Aside from following the guidelines, you will want to personalize your front yard and add some curb appeal. Consider dressing up your walkway. Edge the walkway with some plants that are easy to care for and maybe add some solar lights along the edge as well.

Landscaping Front YardPlant flowers in the yard or get some planter boxes to spruce up the yard. A patch of flowers around the base of a tree always looks nice or perhaps you want some potted or hanging plants around your front porch. Having a bright and colorful yard is very inviting.

Consider a Guest Seating Area

If you have a larger front yard, consider adding a patio as a place to sit with guests. Depending on where most of your daytime sun is, a patio in the front of the house as well as a deck out back can be a nice touch. Another nice way to make your home inviting is to emphasize the front entry of your home. Place an ornamental fence or arbor to draw attention to the area. If you have a colorful home and lots of flowers, a white arbor will stand out and attract attention to your yard.

You can also use landscaping to emphasize features of your house. Consider small trees to accent pillars on your home or add a water feature that is shaped the same as an architectural element of your home. Raised plant beds also add visual appeal to the front yard. It is a good idea to place raised beds in an area that get some shade during the day as a raised bed will dry out more quickly than one directly on the ground. When you are ready, add some more elements that add a personal touch and show off your style. Perhaps a bird bath or a fountain would look nice. Perhaps you want to add some landscaping rocks or a sign with your family name. Decorate your front door with a seasonal wreath. Whatever you decide to add will make your house feel like a home from the outside in.